Thursday, June 30, 2011

Suggestions please...

So Ahnika was eating solid foods pretty well for awhile but recently has decided not to eat. She will eat the little gerber puffs and cookies (the heathly treats) and she loves chewing on apples, carrots and celery but she won't let me feed her the baby food. Well she will still eat green beans but everything else she will just turn her head and clamp her mouth shut. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her interested in eating baby food again like rice cereal. She hasn't been sleeping great anymore either and I think it is because she quit eating her baby food. I think she is getting hungry at night so she is waking up where she used to sleep 10 to 12 hours a night.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Jewelry...

Want FREE Jewelry? Message me an email address or phone number to anyone you know that lives outside of Utah that may be interested in making some extra money selling Paparazzi Accessories. I will give you your choice of one free piece of jewelry. If they sign up to sell Paparazzi I will give you 2 more free accessories!

If you do a party you can also earn free jewelry!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Party Day!!

Today was quite the eventful day! Ahnika hasn't been sleeping that great these past few weeks :( I'm not sure why. It may be seperation anxiety or something like that. She had been sleeping 10 hour nights since she was 10 weeks and now all of a sudden not sleeping through the night is rough on me. I love being able to cuddle with her and I know it won't last long, she is growing way too fast, but in the middle of the night it's hard to be excited about being awake. Anyway so last night we had a rough night, this morning she got up at 8 and then we got ready for the day and around 10:30 we headed to the store to get some salad and headed up to my brother and sister in-law's home! We had a combined birthday party for Missy who's b-day was the 7th and Siri's who's b-day is today and my b-day which is the 21st! I'm going to be 28, I can't believe it. So we had lunch around noon and then opened presents. I had to leave the party a little early which I felt bad about. (sorry family) I ran up to SLC to the Paparazzi boutique, I thought I would be able to just run in and get the things I was planning on getting and head home. Boy was I wrong. It was so crazy, there were lots of people there just as excited about this company and their product as I was. They had a seperate room for consultants to buy the jewelry they needed and a huge room set up for customers. It was a great turn out! I took Ahnika with me because of certain circumstances and because it was so crazy I was having a hard time pushing her around in the stroller and finding what I wanted. My awesome friend Ashley and her husband Mike watched her for me, while I quickly shopped and checked out! The check out line was so long and I thought I'd never make it out, but they let me go to another room where they were checking out a few people. Ashley told them I was there with my baby and they said it would be perfectly fine for me to go in there. They are so awesome!!
I finally made it home an hour later than planner :( but I got to spend some time with my hubby before he had to go. Ahnika was soooo excited to see him and play with him!!
I am seriously so excited to be working with/for the Paparazzi Jewelry company!! Their Jewelry and hair accessories are so cute and they keep coming out with tons of new fun stuff! I know I've said this in other posts but seriously now is the time to sign up and be a consultant!! The company just launch not to long ago and is growing quickly. If you start now you will be starting out with them while they are still small and can really make this into a great career and income. A friend of mine just signed up in Illinois and I talked to coorporate and she is the first person in the whole state to start selling. Wow. She is going to do awesome! I have never been a great sales person and i'm still not, but with this jewelry I don't have to sell it. I've just told friends about it on facebook and those that live around me and had an open house. From there I have been able to get lots of business and people wanting to do parties! If you don't like doing parties and such you don't have to just by telling people you are selling it and that it is only $5 they will come to you!!

I don't know who reads my blog but if this interests you at all leave me your email (even if I don't know who you are I'd be happy to talk to you) and I will send you more information about becoming a consultant!!!
Don't wait!! You will have so much fun with this company.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hey Friends and Family. Paparazzi $5 jewelry and Hair accessories is having a boutique Saturday the 11th in SLC. They will have tons and tons of the $5 Jewelry/hair accessories for you to buy. I will never have this much selection for you to choose from. Take advantage of this opportunity and take friends of yours to check... it out. It's EVERY girls dream come true. I promise you won't be disappointed. Also remember all your loved ones while your buying, It is a great gift for brides and brides maids. When you have made your selection at the checkout you will just tell them My name Molly Ingram consultant #1218 sent you. Thanks so much and I hope that you will be able to see what I get so excited about. Thanks for all your love and support.
If anyone is interested in learning about the company and becoming a consultant let me know. They are also having a meeting the morning of the 11th. It really is a great opportunity. It is a new company that needs consultants and the jewelry/hair accessories are so cute and selling so well!!

P.s. I updated my private blog.