Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's day and Birthday celebrations!

We had a combined party on Saturday, we celebrated Mother's day and 5 birthdays! Flint had his in April, Josh, Michele, Aspen, and Lance had their birthdays in May. We had a fun party!! The kids played on the tramp for a while and Jeb, my dad, and Kip played with them for awhile. Marcie had to work. :( We had a delicious dinner and dessert. We opened gifts and had an enjoyable time being with each other and celebrating! My Mom and Dad gave us girls a willow tree figurine for mother's day! My mom is a very wonderful mom and we all love her very much. We all went in on a gift for her and got her a book set that she wanted it had a lot of classics in it, like pride and prejudice, Anne of green gables, and like 4 or 5 more books. Jeb and I also got her The blind side and I made a cute card!! Love ya tons Mom we hope you had a great mother's day!!

We did a belly picture! We are about a few days apart.

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