Monday, May 24, 2010

Park City continued!

We had a great anniversary! We enjoyed our trip to Park City, we stayed at the Washington School Inn. We were in miss nielson's room. They named all the rooms after the school teachers that used to teach there when it was a school. When we got up there we checked in and then went and walked up and down main street and checked out the shops. It was kind of raining so we didn't stay out too long but long enough to walk up and down one side of main street. We read some of the ghost stories from the Washington School Inn and read the history of the Inn. It was interesting! The breakfast we had was really good, they served a yogurt and nut mix, French toast, bacon and a cake thing, and orange juice. Yum!! We went to the Tanger outlets and stopped at a few stores. I got a couple of maternity shirts that were on pretty good sales!! Jeb got a couple of Wallets from fossil! Yay Happy Anniversary to us!!
We went to the doctor today and had a good visit. I was worried that the baby wasn't alive anymore. Is that normal? Maybe i just worry too much. Anyway we heard the heart beat and he said i'm measuring right so that made me feel good!! I love listening to the heart beat. He said it sounded like a boy but the last two times he said it sounded like a girl. But we find out Wednesday and the guessing will hopefully be over! So if you want to throw out your guess you have till wednesday!

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