Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day!!

This year for father's day I went down to my parent's house Saturday and hung out with my Dad and Mom, Missy, Madison, Lanie, Josh, and Dane. Kip and Jeb both were out of town and weren't able to make it. We had a great lunch!! Then we went down the creek and let the kids play in the water for a little bit!! They sure were cute! I'm sad i forgot my camera. I usually always have it with me but i happened to take it out the night before to upload the pictures from greenriver. :( Anyway we got pictures with Missy and my Mom's cameras. I only lasted a little bit down there because of my allergies so Lanie and I walked back up to the house. When we all got back up to the house we gave Dad our presents and had root beer floats!!! We had a really fun day!!!
Sunday Jeb got home at about 12:30 and then we hung out for a little while then went down to his parents house to celebrate father's day, Chet's, Tate's, and My birthdays! We had a great dinner and had fun hanging out! On our way home we stopped by my parent's to wish my dad a happy father's day and were able to see Joey, Tyra, Raya, and Siri.

On my birthday i worked and then when i got home I went to famous footwear and got the sketchers shape up shoes with my b-day money hopefully they will help my feet not get so sore at work. I went and picked up winger's and a red box and when Jeb got home we ate and then my parent's stopped by to wish me a happy b-day, after they left we watched our movie!!

Thursday we went down to Chet and Hailee's house they were have a BBQ for his birthday it was really great!! We then went to his parent's house and showed them the ultrasound video!!!
Happy Father's day Jeb!! You will be a great daddy!!! Love you tons!!


  1. I forgot about your Birthday!!!!! Sorry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's ok. you were busy getting ready to have your baby.