Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yay for allergy pills!

Yay!! Friday when we went to the doctor he told me which allergy meds are safe to take while pregnant!!! Which made me happy because I have been suffering with allergies. I get them every year and should have asked about meds earlier but i thought i would be fine with out them, I was so wrong. I couldn't stand to be outside for more than 5 to 10 mins.

Yay i will be able to make it through the summer without sneezing and itching to death!!!

Father's Day!!

This year for father's day I went down to my parent's house Saturday and hung out with my Dad and Mom, Missy, Madison, Lanie, Josh, and Dane. Kip and Jeb both were out of town and weren't able to make it. We had a great lunch!! Then we went down the creek and let the kids play in the water for a little bit!! They sure were cute! I'm sad i forgot my camera. I usually always have it with me but i happened to take it out the night before to upload the pictures from greenriver. :( Anyway we got pictures with Missy and my Mom's cameras. I only lasted a little bit down there because of my allergies so Lanie and I walked back up to the house. When we all got back up to the house we gave Dad our presents and had root beer floats!!! We had a really fun day!!!
Sunday Jeb got home at about 12:30 and then we hung out for a little while then went down to his parents house to celebrate father's day, Chet's, Tate's, and My birthdays! We had a great dinner and had fun hanging out! On our way home we stopped by my parent's to wish my dad a happy father's day and were able to see Joey, Tyra, Raya, and Siri.

On my birthday i worked and then when i got home I went to famous footwear and got the sketchers shape up shoes with my b-day money hopefully they will help my feet not get so sore at work. I went and picked up winger's and a red box and when Jeb got home we ate and then my parent's stopped by to wish me a happy b-day, after they left we watched our movie!!

Thursday we went down to Chet and Hailee's house they were have a BBQ for his birthday it was really great!! We then went to his parent's house and showed them the ultrasound video!!!
Happy Father's day Jeb!! You will be a great daddy!!! Love you tons!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


We (my parents, sisters, brother, their spouses, children and I) all went down to Green River, UT for our annual family vacation!! It was a lot of fun! The only downside was my wonderful hubby wasn't able to come. He was at Camp Williams for his 2 week AT training with the National Guard. I'm glad he is training to be able to be well educated to serve our country when the time comes but I sure have missed him I hate when he is gone.

My dad and Marcie went down on Tuesday the 8th, Michele and her family also went down Tuesday but had some car problems and didn't get their til really late. My mom and I drove down Wednesday and got there in the early afternoon, Joe and his family got there a few hours after us! Missy and her family came on Thursday! Grandma and Grandpa Tanner came down also, they came Wednesday and stayed the night. It was a lot of fun to have them come too. Everyone went four wheeling and river rafting (except me, missy, and the littlest kids) we also went to a hotel that was in town and saw at their pool! That was a lot of fun!! I really need to get some sun this summer. My legs are really white! We had a very enjoyable vacation hanging out with everyone and being a family and having lots of fun games and movies and I know everyone love riding the four wheelers and going down the river. We celebrated Siri, Missy and My birthdays!! Siri turned 1 on the 11th and Missy turned 29 on the 7th and I turn 27 on the 21st!!! We had a family birthday party the last night we were there Mom decorated and brought yummy pies and everyone blew up balloons and put them around the house. We taught some of the kids how to rub the balloon on your shirt or head and then it sticks to the walls!!

Thank you Dad and Mom for all of your hard work getting things ready and organizing everything and all the food. Thank you everyone else that also helped with food (since we all had our meals we had to do).
I love you all very much and thank you for all of the great birthday presents!

Sunday after we got back I got to go pick Jeb up at camp williams and spend a few hours with him!!! It was great!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Le Pozze Di Lecchi

This Hotel looks like it would be a really awesome place to visit!! It's in Molinaccio, Italy. I would love to visit this area!! One day when i have lots of money I think it would be awesome to visit all of Europe. Well i would love to travel all over the world.
Here check out there website:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Belly pics and 1st anniversary!

For our 1st anniversary we spent the weekend in Park City!!! We had a lot of fun and then on the day of our anniversary we cut our cake that we saved!!

Jeb wanted me to try on his poncho! It was huge on me.