Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Please.. Pretty please....

Hey everyone that reads my blog (if there is anyone that reads my blog) :) Please go vote for Ahnika's picture!! We really need all the votes we can get. The voting ends on the 24th and they pick the winner with the most votes. You can vote daily and it will let you vote multiple times throughout the day as well! Thank you to those of you that have voted! Please keep voting if you get a chance!!

Thank you for reading my blog and Thank you for voting if you do!!! I appreciate it and so does Jeb and Ahnika!!! 
Here is the link:

Isn't she such a cutie!!! She is so much fun, we just love her to pieces!!!


  1. Oh my goodness Molly she is so darn CUTE!!! I will for sure go vote for her! I love all these pictures but that first one is to die for!!! LOVE IT!! :)

  2. I voted and will keep voting! She is definitely cute enough to win. Good luck!