Wednesday, October 6, 2010

(As told by Jeb) Well it all started Monday (10/4) night at 11pm with small contractions and by midnight molly couldn’t sleep or even lie down. Molly woke me up at 2:17 a.m. Tuesday (10/5) morning saying she was in labor, she thought. We timed the contractions and they were 2-4 minutes apart and lasting 45-60 seconds. We decided to head to the hospital around 3 a.m. and got to our room about a half-hour later. They hooked Molly up to the monitors and checked her, only dilated to a 1. DAMN! The nurse said she would check back in an hour and she if Molly had progressed. Her contractions didn’t let up at all. After the hour the nurse came back to check. Still only dilated to a 1and 1/2! DOUBLE DAMN! The nurse called Dr Nance and he sent us home at 5:30 a.m. with a morphine shot to wait it out. I think it should be mandatory the husband gets one too! Longest ride home EVER!

We got home and tried to get Molly as comfortable as we could. Contractions didn’t let up at all. The morphine took the edge off but that was it. Every 2-4 minutes it would hit for 45-60 seconds. That’s hard to sleep through but somehow I managed. ;) Molly was able to nap between the contractions and through the small ones. Around 2pm Tuesday she couldn’t take it any longer. A bath didn’t help, no position was comfortable, and I couldn’t sleep any more. So we decided to go back to the hospital. We made a firm resolution that we weren’t going to let them send us home again! And they didn’t! They re-admitted us around 3:30 p.m. and Molly was at a 3/3+. That was great news! They hooked her back up to the monitors and made a call for an epidural. Once the epidural was in it was smooth sailing for Molly. The baby on the other hand couldn’t decide how fast she wanted her heart to beat. It would race then slow to scary slowness (is that a word?). There were tubes and monitors and needles and all sorts of things coming out of and going into my wife.

Her labor was “text book” as per her nurses. Her dilation followed schedule and the Dr called, yes he called, around 8p.m. She was fully dilated and the baby was headed out. He arrived around 8:30 p.m. and the pushing began! After 15 minutes of pushing and some pulling from the Dr, our little slimy beautiful daughter was born. The Dr worked quick and had her crying only seconds after she came out. The only time her crying will bring relief I’m sure. He clamped off the cord and handed me the scissors. I had planned on using my pocket knife but I was lost in the moment. I was officially a daddy! The Dr handed her off and went back to work on my beautiful wife, who was and has been so strong through the whole thing. The nurses cleaned her up and started to do whatever they do. I was just watching and taking pictures. Her breathing was labored and that was a concern to nurses and Dr. They cleaned her up so she could get some skin on skin with mom and hopefully regulate her breathing and calm her down. Her breathing regulated and she was just fine. Grandparents were introduced and after a short time with mom it was time for her first bath, after dad got to hold her for the first time.

The exam and bath went fine. They checked her. They cleaned her. I watched. Then it was off to see mom and chill for the night. Night wasn’t chill though. Molly was in terrible pain and couldn’t sleep, some staff member would come in to check this or monitor that, baby needed to be fed, and when Molly had to potty, it was a stage production requiring all members of the cast and crew. Molly survived the night and is doing great. Baby is great as well. I’m sure Molly will update this when she can.

Final stats:
22hours of labor
8lbs 12oz
Thick head of black hair
Perfect in every way

Name pending (not open to suggestions, emphasis on the NOT part ;) but seriously)

O2 to help baby regulate heart rate

Just after she came out and kinda cleaned up

Every girl loves getting her hair washed

Just after the bath and looking around

Her first look at mom


  1. Congrats you two! Jeb, I love the story! She is adorable and CHUBBY! I love it!

  2. Jeb and Molly, she is beautiful!!! And sooo chubby! :) I love her cheeks, and I'm so happy for you guys. can't wait to hear what you name her. :)

  3. She is beautiful!!!! Congrats you two!! I am glad that Molly got her wish and baby girl came early. I can't wait to come and meet her in person. I love her little cheeks! I would also like to point out that I was spot on with my guess on her weight ;)

  4. YAY!!! My goodness she is a the black hair! How fun for you guys! Congrats and I'm excited to see what you name her! :)

  5. What a gorgeous little girl! She looks like her mommy! Congrats and can't wait to meet her. Tyson and her will be great friends!

  6. Thank you so much for letting me barge in and see your little beauty! She is so adorable! And Dari, NICE on guessing the weight right on. You deserve a big treat for that! Congratulations!!! I can't wait for Scarlet and ?? (I know her name!) to have play dates!

  7. I love it! She's so adorable! When are you accepting visitors??

  8. She's adorable!! Good job Molly!! We are so excited for you guys! See you at the firepit on Friday-that's plenty of time, right!? lol!!

  9. Thanks so much for sharing! What a beauty...of course! Can't wait for my turn to hold her. Love you guys! So proud of you, Molly. (you too, Jeb)

  10. Jeb, you have always had a way with words. :) Congrats, she is beautiful (both of them).

  11. Holy cuteness!!!!! That last picture just kills me cause she looks kinda ticked.

  12. hooray! Glad she's here and can't wait to hold her. Congrats you two! Can't wait to hear what you'll name her :)

  13. Yeah! Congrats to you both! That was a hilarious story Jeb! Way cute little girl!! Can't wait to hear what you name her!