Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Saturday we had a very fun, eventful and long day!! In the morning we woke up and headed down to Manti which is about an hour and a half from our house so we left about 6:45 am. It was really early. Friday night we hung out with our friends at our usual neighborhood firepit, which is really fun, we start at 9:30pm and go til about midnight. I was planning on going to bed much earlier since we had to wake up so early. But I didn't. Anyway so we got down to Manti around 8:20 and headed in to the Temple for Chet and Hailee's sealing. I sure made all of the workers real worried. They kept asking if I was ok and if I would be alright going up and down the stairs. When we got to the waiting room the sealer came in and asked when i was due and how I was feeling and said they have doctors there just in case. I said I was fine and not to worry. When we got into the sealing room we sat by Hailee's brother and sister in-law (she is also pregnant) and the sealer looked at us and was like oh my goodness it's maternity row. It was funny. The sealing was beautiful, we were glad we were able to go! After the sealing we took some family pictures and then headed to fountain green for a luncheon. It was at the same place they got married. After lunch we headed to Jeb's parents house and took a little rest then his mom and I went over to Robyn's house where they were throwing me a baby shower!!
It was a great shower! They had awesome desserts and lots of people came. It was an open house style shower so as people came I would open presents and then everyone would sit around and chat for a bit.

I didn't get a ton of pictures with my camera but Colleen took alot with her camera.
It was a really fun day but I sure was exhausted after all the excitement was over.


Chet and Hailee

Jeb took this picture from the step above me.

38 weeks!
Sorry I didn't get my undershirt pulled all the way down.

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