Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update on Ahnika!

Ahnika is the best baby ever! But i'm her mom so i may be a little biased! No but she really is a good baby. She doesn't like having her bum changed cause she doesn't like to be cold. She's been eating great and of course sleeps alot but also likes to have cuddle time and will be wide awake. I love it when I feed her and she is wide awake and looks at me!! I wonder what babies think and dream. (sorry random thought) She smiles alot and is the cutest little thing ever. Jeb and I have been having lots of fun with her. The first night home I had to wake her up twice to feed and change her, the second night was a little rough we think she got cold. :( But she really only woke up a few times. Last night was better. She woke up about every 3 hours, ate and went back to bed. We both are a little sleep deprived but are starting to get into a routine. Jeb has been a ton of help and loves his little girl! It sure is fun to watch him with her. I love snuggling her and i love how cuddly she is after she eats!! We gave her, her first bath last night. She didn't really like the bath part (as mentioned before) she hates being naked and cold. But she loved getting her hair washed and brushed!! Her hair is so pretty and soft! We are so grateful to be her parents and are so grateful that she has such a sweet spirit and is so good!

Thank you to all of our family members and friends for all of their help this past week! Everyone has been so helpful and excited for us! Thank you everyone especially our families and all of those that have brought us breakfast, lunch and dinner! We love and appreciate everyone!!
Oh and my friend Kelly made a comment on the last post asking if the "a" in Ahnika is a soft a like awesome or and. The "A" is pronounce like the "a" in awesome.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification:) Her name is really pretty. Ruth hated baths to, now she loves it!