Thursday, April 15, 2010

Busy week!!

This past week has been very busy but very fun!! Last friday I helped Jeb buzz his head he likes to keep it short for drill, which he had this weekend. He doesn't like growing it out, he did grown it out for our wedding and I said when we have family pictures he can grow it out :) but really i like it either way. I just won't let him bick it.  Saturday I went up to Missy's house to celebrate Madison's Birthday party! She turned 9 years old. I can't believe she is that old. She got her ears pierced and was sooo excited. All she asked for was money so she could help pay for it and get earings! It was really fun watching her open her presents she gets really excited and let everyone know how much she loved her gifts. Monday I had bunko at my house. It was fun but i was stressed about cooking for 10 people. But everything went just fine. Jeb came home a little bit early to help me get everything ready and move the furniture so we could put the card tables up. I made hawaiian hay stacks it turned out really good!! I'm really glad Jeb helped me out!! He's such a great husband. Tuesday we went to our friend Becki's surprise birthday! It was fun and she was definetly surprised. Wednesday I went out to dinner with my friends Sarah, Dari, Ashley, and Leslie!! We went to Paradise Bakery in SLC it was really good and we had a great time just talking and catching up and planning our next adventure!!!
Today was my day off and I slept in which is always so great and I am going to keep sleeping in every chance I get until I have this baby!! I got a ton of things done, including going grocery shopping and washing my car and other random things!! It's been a good day and when Jeb gets home we are delivering our couch to his parent's house. They are buying it from us.

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