Saturday, April 24, 2010


I was just doing some searches online about storage units and other random things and came across a website that can help people find storage units that are mobile or self storage, it looks really interesting and helpful. They said they can help people fine these units all over the United States, they have like over 10,000 locations and here are some things that they offer as a company. Easy search options, current specials and coupons, pictures and descriptions of available units and their sizes, free quotes, month to month leasing, and hassle free payment options.  One day when we need to move or need a storage unit I will definetly have to give these guys a call and see if they can help me out which according to their website they will definetly be able to help me with my storage needs. And if your not sure about self storage or mobile storage they help you figure out what would work good for you, and for me cost would play a big role in picking a storage unit. I would hate to have to pay for a unit to just store stuff but sometimes it has to be done. So I think I will keep this company in mind for future reference. If anyone needs info on storage units let me know and Iwill forward the website I found!

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  1. Your site was great with interesting resources. Those thoughts about self storage is a huge help to anyone! keep sharing your ideas!