Friday, August 13, 2010

32 weeks!

Well we are at 32 weeks now! We saw the doctor this afternoon and he said things look good. We got to hear her heartbeat and he said her head is down. It sure is fun feeling her wiggle around and watching my belly move! Jeb thinks it's pretty cool feeling her move around! Now that she is bigger we can feel her move more often. If I slouch she will kick me in the ribs, which doesn't hurt yet, I think it's pretty funny that if i sit funny or lean over she will let me know it's squishing her or making her uncomfortable. It's a fun experience being pregnant even though I have my aches and pains (which won't go away until I have her) and after I have her we won't get any sleep! It is worth it. We sure love her already and we haven't even met her yet!


  1. Hang in there Molly! You will get more and more uncomfortable, but remember, you can still come relax in my pool anytime you need to. It feels fabulous! I can't wait for Scarlet's BFF to come! Only two more months!