Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Farewell to my car!

Well tonight we sold my beautiful red car! It's kind of bitter sweet. More sweet though. We are so grateful we were able to get it sold, that means we can get more serious about buying a new car. A really nice lady bought it for her daughter! She was so excited to get it, i'm glad it's going to someone who will love it! There are a couple of things that they plan on fixing so we lowered the price a bit for them which is just fine! When they first came to look at it the lady's boyfriend went over it with fine-tooth comb. We didn't think we would hear back from them cause it does have that scratch on the side of it from my accident up the canyon a few years ago and other little scratches from the carts in the parking lot. Other than the exterior damages it is a great car and we didn't have any mechanical problems with it. Well her daughter really wanted it so they looked into how much it would be to fix the damaged areas and made an offer yesterday and we said yes when would you like to come and get it. The boyfriend who made all the contact said they wanted to come and get it tonight! So I got home from work and cleaned out my car and vacuumed it out. I did the best that i could since i have a basketball in the way that makes it difficult to bed and get down in a low two door car! So when Jeb got home I had him look through it to double check. And of course I missed some stuff so i'm glad he was a good husband and helped me finish cleaning it out. It was pretty clean to start with it just needed a touch up and removal of papers and stuff in the trunk! I loved my car and am glad we were able to sell it to such a nice family. Now off to something bigger and more family friendly!!

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