Friday, August 27, 2010

Park City with my sisters and mom!!!!

Last weekend my mom, sisters and I went up to Park City for a weekend getaway!! It was a lot of fun! We met at Missy's house around 9:30 on friday, we went and had pedicures done!! It was so nice!! I really enjoyed it! After our pedicures we went up to Park City had lunch at Wendy's and then we went over to the Tanger outlets and went shopping! Then we went an checked into our condo. We stayed at crestview right by the outlets. For dinner we went to Ruby Tuesday! It was good! Our waiter was funny he asked if we were all from the same sorority. We just laughed and said we were all sisters, a sister in-law and our mom!! He flirted with Marcie a bit and we all made her leave her number!! We stayed up playing cranium and talking about embarrassing moments and other stuff! They let Missy and I have the king size bed since we are the pregnant ones and are heaters! Saturday we slept in and got ready and went and checked out. We went shopping for a few more hours and then went to cafe rio's for lunch! We drove over to Kamas to see the grocery store and the new additions that they have been making. It looks awesome! Good job Dad. After we looked around the store and the strip mall that they added we drove around and looked at this house that was in the home show. It was really big, Michele and Mom went in to look around the rest of us were tired and stayed in the car. Then we headed home. We had an enjoyable weekend. It was fun to hang out with my sisters and mom!!

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