Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exciting Day!!!

So today was quite eventful! I woke up this morning a little earlier than usual (cause i couldn't sleep anymore) it wasn't real early though. I got ready and went through my usual morning routine. Well I went and got in my car to head to work and my car wouldn't start. Oh crap what's wrong I wondered. Well I tried it again and nothing. It didn't even make a ticking sound. So I called Jeb who was already at work and he couldn't answer. So I called my Dad who knows everything :) and he said it was probably the battery. Then Jeb called me back and I told him what was going on and said i'd keep him update via text. Well i needed to be to work in 20 minutes by this point so my dad said he would get ready and come pick me up and take me to work or have my mom stop and get me. She was on her way to go shopping with a friend. So I called my boss and let him know what was going on and he said they would handle it until I got there. (Luckily they weren't too busy this morning cause it's hard when you are missing a person). So my mom and her friend picked me up and took me to work! Yay thanks Mom. I was only about 45 mins. late. Well my day at work was fine not too busy but not too slow. I let Jeb know I made it to work. Well I needed to figure out how I was going to get home. Jeb had to stay at work til 6 and couldn't get off early cause 2 people had already called out sick. I got off work at 4 and my parents weren't able to come get me. So I sent a text to my great friend Amanda and she came and saved me and took me home. I was worried I was going to have to walk or wait til 6 for Jeb. Thanks Amanda.
Oh while I was at work my Dad stopped over and hooked my car battery up to a battery charger and let it run til we got home. Thanks Dad!
So when Jeb got home we ate and then went and tried to start it. And nothing. He tried to jump it and nothing. So he cleaned off stuff and did mechanical stuff that i know nothing of and then we tried it again and it clicked a little but nothing. So he unhooked the battery and we went and bought a new one and it started right up. Yay i can get to work in the morning! The battery was 6 years old so it lived a good life. I guess most batteries only last 3-5 years so it was definetly time to change it.
I'm glad my husband and dad know what they are doing when it comes to cars and manly stuff. I always have someone here to help me!!


  1. I'm glad it all worked out. I love it when you have car problems and it ends up being really easy and cheap to fix.

  2. I really thought it was going to be a story about a fun, exciting day. That is a crappy day for sure ha ha JK I am glad it was just the battery and you had great guys to help you get it all fixed :)