Sunday, July 25, 2010

24th of July!

For the 24th of July we didn't do much which was nice! We slept in and when we woke up we cleaned the house and then headed out to go buy some corn and a watermelon at the Harward farms stand. A guy that Jeb knows works there and told us we should come check it out! The watermelons were $5 and we got a huge one! And we got 22 ears of corn for $6. The corn and watermelon tasted great too!! We still have half of the watermelon left. After that we stopped at a few dealerships to check out cars/crossovers, I drove Jeb crazy! Car shopping is frustrating but has to be done! My car is a two door and that just won't work when we have the baby. I love my car but we are selling it. So if anyone wants to buy a red dodge stratus coupe let me know! It's a great car. When we got home we cut into the watermelon and ate a bunch for lunch and then cut it up for our neighborhood bbq. We took corn and watermelon the the bbq since we had so much. We had a lot of fun, (we are finally getting to know more of our neighbors) We all had fun getting to know each other more and then we did fireworks! They were great!

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  1. Thats so fun that you are getting to know your neighbors. Mine make me nervous and everyone here pretty much keeps to themselves. I totally spaced the 24th of July. I miss Utah.