Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Test results!

Soooo my next doctor's appointment is the 30th of July and I didn't want to wait that long to find out the results of my glucose test. We were supposed to go to the doctor's this week but had to push it back a week cause of the holiday and scheduling issues. Anyway yesterday I called the doctor's office and they told me that I passed the test!! Yay me! So I don't have gestational diabetes but.... don't you love when people tell you something and then throw in the but, well I was really close to not passing so they said to be careful and not to eat too much sugar. I have a sweet tooth so this is gonna be difficult. I'm glad I don't have gestational diabetes but sad they I was really close to the cut off. We have been going on walks in the evening and yesterday and today I was really good about not eating sweets!

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  1. Good bunny!! I'm happy you don't have the diabetes. It wasn't fun for me.