Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glucose test.

Well I did the Glucose test today to see if I have gestational diabetes. I've heard from some people that it is really awful and some say it's not that bad just really sugary. Well I didn't think it was that bad, I just hope the test went well. We won't find out until my next doctor's appointment that was supposed to be next week but we had to push it back a week due to scheduling ect.  Hopefully I don't have gestational diabetes I would have a hard time I think. I really like sugar!! But who doesn't right!


  1. Good luck!! I bet you will be fine. :) It does suck that you have to wait to find out though. I am so glad my office tells you immediately. The machine tells you in like 3 minutes while you wait. Very happy about that!

  2. I'm willing to bet that some people think the glucose test isn't bad because they only had to do the 1st one. If you fail the first one they make you do a 2nd test which you fast 24 hours for then you drink the syrup again only it has 3 times as much sugar in it as the first one and you can't eat for several hours afterwards and they don't want you to drink much water. I promise Ashley and I can verify that the 2nd clucose test will make you want to vomit for several hours:) I hope you pass the test. Love Kelly

  3. It's true about the second test. It is pure hell. No joke. It was AWFUL. Hopefully with this one you are okay. Unfortunately I failed my 3 hour test as well, so no more sugar for me. this week has been a real fun one. When I get a sec, I will update the blog and you can see just how much fun we have had. I'm crossing my fingers you don't have to go through nearly what I have.