Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boating and Joe's b-day!

We went boating again today and it was perfect weather!! We had a blast. Tyra and Joey went skiing and wake boarding and then everyone (except me and missy) went for rides on the tube. If was lots of fun! and this time I didn't get burned!! I took tons of pictures of everyone going on the tube but it was with my mom's camera i'll have to get copies from her! We stopped for awhile and had lunch on the boat in the middle of the lake and then kept tubing!! We had lots of fun I enjoyed just relaxing on the boat and having family time. Poor Jeb missed out on boating again because he had drill this weekend. One of these days we will get him out on the lake!! Today is Joey's birthday and he got to open his presents when we got off the boat and found some shade! Jeb and I got him the movie Gremlins and a nice blue shirt!! As kids we loved that movie so i had to get it for him when i saw it! Happy Birthday Joe!!

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