Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland!

We went to Alice in Wonderland today!! It was really good. It was weird but Tim Burton's movies usually are weird. The graphics were awesome! I love the disney Alice in Wonderland and I really liked this Alice in Wonderland! Johnny Depp did a great job like usual. The movie was very interesting and I really liked the story and how they had Alice going back as an adult after she had decided and convinced herself that the first time she went was a dream. We went with our good friends that live just a couple houses down from us! After the movie we went to Winger's!! Yum! I and Jeb love Winger's, my favorite is the sticky finger salad! It's really good! Our friends ordered some asphalt pie and shared with us, it was very good! I am still stuffed and it's been a couple of hours. :) Tomorrow is my day off and it's going to be a very busy day. I need to go grocery shopping and clean my house spotless and then we have our second doctor's appointment and then I am hosting a Discovery Toy Party! It should be a fun and tiring day! I will tell you all about it probably on Saturday!
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  1. Wingers has the best buffalo wings on the planet!!!!!!!! Ugh I want some.

  2. do they have a winger's in North Carolina?