Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The weekend!

So friday I had a Discovery Toy Party at my house! It was fun! Not everyone showed up that had said they would come but that is to be expected. It still was lots of fun. Whitney brought lots of toys to show everyone and we had a good time looking at them and seeing the fun things they do. I get a toy free!! I'm really excited! And i also ordered 2 other toys so I will have 3 toys for when the baby is born!! Yay! I got the try-angle, Jangles, and the super yummy! They are really cute toys! I served cookies and strawberries for treats and Jeb and I made a fruit drink. It tasted more orange than any other fruit so we added slices of orange to make it look pretty. We used out nice drink dispenser that we got for our wedding. Saturday we went to lunch with my parents and then in the evening we went on a double date with Katie and Brennan. We ate at happy sumo which is Jeb's favorite and then we went to color me mine! We painted 4 plates, hopefully they turned out nice so we can use them as our dishes!
When we pick them up I will post some pictures.

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  1. I love Happy Sumo!!! I plan on making Mom take me there when I come to visit:) I can't wait to not be poor anymore......which is in like 5 years:(