Saturday, March 13, 2010

Long weekend off!!

This week I had several days off in a row! It has been so nice, I've been able to get lots of things accomplished! Today we went down to Jeb's parent's house and hung out for a few hours. His Mom and I went to a furniture store that is going out of business but I didn't find anything that I was interested in. We are thinking about getting a sectional and selling our couches we have now. We had an enjoyable morning hanging out with them. On our way home we were going to stop and see my parents but they had just left to go the the Mitt Romney book signing. We got home and Jeb helped me clean the house, we do our deep cleaning on Saturdays! I'm really grateful that he helps me do the cleaning. Since we got everything done we have just been hanging out and watching t.v. I love lazy days, well today is a lazy evening!

We also spent the evening looking at cribs online. Does anybody that reads this have an opinion on what kind of crib to buy or where I could buy a good/nice crib that's not too expensive??Also any good suggestions for names for a boy or girl?? We still have about 10 weeks before we find out the sex. It seems like it is forever away but I'm sure it will go by fast.

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  1. I bought a pack and play with a removable bassinet. It's good cause we'll be moving a bit and its portable. Anneli and Dawn has their kids in pack and plays on a regular basis. Cribs are nice but I'll probably keep this forever. A crib I would eventually get rid of.