Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The weekend!

So friday I had a Discovery Toy Party at my house! It was fun! Not everyone showed up that had said they would come but that is to be expected. It still was lots of fun. Whitney brought lots of toys to show everyone and we had a good time looking at them and seeing the fun things they do. I get a toy free!! I'm really excited! And i also ordered 2 other toys so I will have 3 toys for when the baby is born!! Yay! I got the try-angle, Jangles, and the super yummy! They are really cute toys! I served cookies and strawberries for treats and Jeb and I made a fruit drink. It tasted more orange than any other fruit so we added slices of orange to make it look pretty. We used out nice drink dispenser that we got for our wedding. Saturday we went to lunch with my parents and then in the evening we went on a double date with Katie and Brennan. We ate at happy sumo which is Jeb's favorite and then we went to color me mine! We painted 4 plates, hopefully they turned out nice so we can use them as our dishes!
When we pick them up I will post some pictures.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland!

We went to Alice in Wonderland today!! It was really good. It was weird but Tim Burton's movies usually are weird. The graphics were awesome! I love the disney Alice in Wonderland and I really liked this Alice in Wonderland! Johnny Depp did a great job like usual. The movie was very interesting and I really liked the story and how they had Alice going back as an adult after she had decided and convinced herself that the first time she went was a dream. We went with our good friends that live just a couple houses down from us! After the movie we went to Winger's!! Yum! I and Jeb love Winger's, my favorite is the sticky finger salad! It's really good! Our friends ordered some asphalt pie and shared with us, it was very good! I am still stuffed and it's been a couple of hours. :) Tomorrow is my day off and it's going to be a very busy day. I need to go grocery shopping and clean my house spotless and then we have our second doctor's appointment and then I am hosting a Discovery Toy Party! It should be a fun and tiring day! I will tell you all about it probably on Saturday!
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

writer's block

I think I haver writer's block. I have no idea what to write about. This blog is just supposed to be about my life and what's been going on and when i have fun adventures. Well I don't think my life is that interesting at the moment. Let's see what I can share... ooh last week at work the lights were half off at work. I think i wrote about it in my last post. Any way on wednesday they were half off for most of the day. Well I had Thursday and Friday off and worked Saturday. When I got to work Saturday my boss was putting some of the ceiling back up that's by the gate. He asked when the last time was that I worked and I told him Wednesday, then he proceeded to tell me what had happened while i was enjoying my days off!! They had an electrician come in to fix the lights and there was an electrical fire that ended up knocking out all of the lights in the whole store and they had to get everyone out and the employees hung out at wendy's while they worked on fixing the lights and the small electrical fire. The pharmacist can not leave the pharmacy open and with the power being out the gate wouldn't shut because the emergency power wasn't working either. So the had to manually shut it hence the ceiling haven been taken out. I'm glad i wasn't there for the craziness but it would have been exciting and scary to be there.
This weekend we went to my parent's house to celebrate Marcie and Lanie's birthdays!! We had a lot of fun and a great dinner like usual!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

How did everyone celebrate St. Patrick's Day?? I worked all day. I did put a green sticker on my badge, but had to wear the usual red and khaki. It was really slow today at work. It's nice to have a slow day every once in awhile. It did make the day seem to go by slow but it was alright. I got to sit on a chair in between helping guest and let my feet rest!!

Well I hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Long weekend off!!

This week I had several days off in a row! It has been so nice, I've been able to get lots of things accomplished! Today we went down to Jeb's parent's house and hung out for a few hours. His Mom and I went to a furniture store that is going out of business but I didn't find anything that I was interested in. We are thinking about getting a sectional and selling our couches we have now. We had an enjoyable morning hanging out with them. On our way home we were going to stop and see my parents but they had just left to go the the Mitt Romney book signing. We got home and Jeb helped me clean the house, we do our deep cleaning on Saturdays! I'm really grateful that he helps me do the cleaning. Since we got everything done we have just been hanging out and watching t.v. I love lazy days, well today is a lazy evening!

We also spent the evening looking at cribs online. Does anybody that reads this have an opinion on what kind of crib to buy or where I could buy a good/nice crib that's not too expensive??Also any good suggestions for names for a boy or girl?? We still have about 10 weeks before we find out the sex. It seems like it is forever away but I'm sure it will go by fast.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I just got home from bunco! It was alot of fun!! Right now there are 10 of us in the group and soon we will be back up to 12. We had pizza and breadsticks for dinner! And of course we had all sorts of treats on the tables while we played!!! I didn't think I was going to do very well because I'm tired, I worked all day and was ready to relax. But I'm glad I went it was good to hang out with friends and chit chat about what's been going on this past month and I won with the highest score!! YAY me! I won two gift certificates. One for a massage and another one to wise guys pizza!!

It was a really fun night!! I love playing bunco! It's a good excuse to get together with friends once a month!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My feet hurt!

Today was one of those weird days. I worked 9-7 which means by the time I get home my feet hurt and I'm exhausted. At work it was a busy day but not too busy. We just had a lot of problems. To be completely honest we had a lot of horribly mean and dumb people come in or call today. Some days are great and we only get a few customers that are mad at us or asking really strange things but today it seemed like everyone had a problem. I would love to blame it on a full moon or bad weather but I'm not sure that was the cause. I love working in the pharmacy and learning new things everyday but sometimes working there really makes me hate people and think that they are all stupid and don't care at all about others that are trying to help them. We try to do everything we can to get their insurance to pay for their stuff or have their doctor call their refills in but most people forget that we are just the middle man and can't force THEIR insurance to do something or get THEIR doctor to call in a prescription right when the customer wants it. I wish people would pay more attention to their own insurances and learn what their coverage is and how to call them if them have a problem not rely on someone else to do the work for them. And they really need to learn what medication they are taking and not just take everything their doctor prescribes and not even know what they are taking it and for how long they need to take it and why they are taking it. People are satisfied with just taking any medication and tell the pharmacy to fill whatever can be filled and then we fill whatever can be filled and they get mad because we fill something they didn't want or don't really know why they are supposed to have it.
Sorry I had a bad day dealing with customer service. Somedays I would just like to work in the pharmacy and not have any phone calls from patients or have them come into the pharmacy. That sounds awful huh. Oh well I don't feel like this everyday and I do like my job. I just don't like people today. The thing that makes me feel a little bit better about how I was feeling today is that I wasn't the only one feeling upset with all the problems. The other technicians and pharmacist couldn't believe all the problems and rude people.

Well on a lighter note I'm not feeling too nauseated today just a little bit.
I hope everyone has a good night!!
I'm excited to go to bed!! and guess what... I get to sleep in tomorrow! Oh it will be so great!