Sunday, July 25, 2010

24th of July!

For the 24th of July we didn't do much which was nice! We slept in and when we woke up we cleaned the house and then headed out to go buy some corn and a watermelon at the Harward farms stand. A guy that Jeb knows works there and told us we should come check it out! The watermelons were $5 and we got a huge one! And we got 22 ears of corn for $6. The corn and watermelon tasted great too!! We still have half of the watermelon left. After that we stopped at a few dealerships to check out cars/crossovers, I drove Jeb crazy! Car shopping is frustrating but has to be done! My car is a two door and that just won't work when we have the baby. I love my car but we are selling it. So if anyone wants to buy a red dodge stratus coupe let me know! It's a great car. When we got home we cut into the watermelon and ate a bunch for lunch and then cut it up for our neighborhood bbq. We took corn and watermelon the the bbq since we had so much. We had a lot of fun, (we are finally getting to know more of our neighbors) We all had fun getting to know each other more and then we did fireworks! They were great!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Test results!

Soooo my next doctor's appointment is the 30th of July and I didn't want to wait that long to find out the results of my glucose test. We were supposed to go to the doctor's this week but had to push it back a week cause of the holiday and scheduling issues. Anyway yesterday I called the doctor's office and they told me that I passed the test!! Yay me! So I don't have gestational diabetes but.... don't you love when people tell you something and then throw in the but, well I was really close to not passing so they said to be careful and not to eat too much sugar. I have a sweet tooth so this is gonna be difficult. I'm glad I don't have gestational diabetes but sad they I was really close to the cut off. We have been going on walks in the evening and yesterday and today I was really good about not eating sweets!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Glucose test.

Well I did the Glucose test today to see if I have gestational diabetes. I've heard from some people that it is really awful and some say it's not that bad just really sugary. Well I didn't think it was that bad, I just hope the test went well. We won't find out until my next doctor's appointment that was supposed to be next week but we had to push it back a week due to scheduling ect.  Hopefully I don't have gestational diabetes I would have a hard time I think. I really like sugar!! But who doesn't right!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boating and Joe's b-day!

We went boating again today and it was perfect weather!! We had a blast. Tyra and Joey went skiing and wake boarding and then everyone (except me and missy) went for rides on the tube. If was lots of fun! and this time I didn't get burned!! I took tons of pictures of everyone going on the tube but it was with my mom's camera i'll have to get copies from her! We stopped for awhile and had lunch on the boat in the middle of the lake and then kept tubing!! We had lots of fun I enjoyed just relaxing on the boat and having family time. Poor Jeb missed out on boating again because he had drill this weekend. One of these days we will get him out on the lake!! Today is Joey's birthday and he got to open his presents when we got off the boat and found some shade! Jeb and I got him the movie Gremlins and a nice blue shirt!! As kids we loved that movie so i had to get it for him when i saw it! Happy Birthday Joe!!

4th of July!

Well we had a very fun weekend celebrating our countries freedom!! Saturday the 3rd I went boating with my family on my mom and dad's awesome new boat!!! Missy, Kip, Madison, Lanie, Josh, Dane, Joe, Tyra, Raya, and Siri all came!! We had a fun time. It was windy so when we headed out on the lake we had a bunch of waves hit the front of the boat and splashed water in on everyone. It was funny but the lake was so choppy we decided to go in and dock for awhile while it calmed down. We had fun playing around in the water and lounging on the boat and grass and having a picnic!! Jeb went down and helped his dad on their farm all day. After we got done boating mom, dad, and I headed to their house and Jeb came up and we had a bbq it was really good. Then we came up to our house and watched the fire works. We had a great view from our house. They were a little far away but we could still see them pretty good! We were going to try and go up to provo and get a spot close by but the traffic is always so bad, I didn't want to have to worry about fighting it and/or walking a mile to get a spot to sit. Since we had been boating all day i was tired and my Legs got so burnt. It was bad, I haven't been burned that bad in a very long time. And sorry to report I didn't get any pictures of this weekend sorry. I did have Jeb take a picture of my burnt legs!

I worked Sunday :( and when I got home we had dinner and just hung out at our house.
Monday we hung out and cleaned the house and washed my car! In the afternoon we headed down to Jeb's parent's house for a bbq on the way down we drove by different car dealerships to see if there were any cars we liked. We had a fun time at his parent's house and had a good bbq. We washed Jeb's truck using tate's new wash stuff we bought him for his birthday. I just sat in a chair and watched. :)

Lol, so funny story. We were sitting on the lawn chairs enjoying the evening and i had a fanta and squished the can cause i was done with it, well i was playing with the can and i guess it still had a little bit left in it and it dripped on the chair inbetween my legs which i didn't even notice. Well when we said it was time to go and i stood up the chair was a little wet, Jeb pointed at it and asked if i was ok and i was like yes i'm fine. I didn't pee my pants i promise. I said it was from my drink and sorry i got it on their chairs well they thought my water had broken so they were panicking a little bit. I pointed to the drops on the metal part and showed them that it was orange and said I was pretty sure i would know if my water broke. It was funny.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swollen feet!

So my feet have been getting swollen especially during work since I stand all day at the pharmacy. So I bought compression socks about a week and a half ago and they have been helping out tons, but i have a few pairs of maternity khaki capris and I like to wear them to work so I don't just have to wear pants. Well with the compression socks (they're black) i have to wear pants and it makes my legs so hot. So today i tried to wear my capris and wear the compression socks but role them down so they looked like ankle socks it didn't look to bad. Well it kept the swelling down in my ankles and feet, but not my legs of course so when i took off the socks it looked really funny.
So my advice to those that are swelling because of the heat or because they are pregnant is don't role down your compression socks just to be able to wear capris. I'm going to go buy nude colored socks!!

Friends weekend!

My highschool friends and I did our annual girls weekend, we stayed at the Zermatt in Midway and spent the Friday in Parkcity shopping, getting pedicures and eating dinner!! Dari, Leslie, and Ashley went up Thursday and Tina went up Friday morning, I wasn't able to go up until the afternoon on Friday we had a doctor's appointment!! It went well! We heard the heart beat of our little girl! I bought several cute outfits for our baby and a shirt for Jeb!! The pedicure was awesome and now i have cute toes!! We missed a few of our other friends, they weren't able to come because of family vacations and/or work. It was planned earlier this year (usually we go in sept. or so) because Ashley and I are both pregnant and due in Sept. and October.