Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fuzzi bunz

Yesterday was our first day using our fuzzi bunz cloth diapers! Every other diaper change I used a cloth diaper, and I was at my parents house so I didn't want to have to haul around the messy cloth diapers since I don't have a wet bag for them yet. She didn't seem to mind the change and they seem to fit pretty good. We only had one blow out, so I cinched up the side elastic to make them a little more snug. They are such cute diapers, I hope they work out I am excited to use them and hopefully save money on diapers and creams for rashes. She hasn't hadn't any rashes yet thank goodness hopefully she never gets one! I will post a picture of her in her cute little fuzzi bunz diaper as soon as I upload it to my computer but if you would like to check them out I bought them at, or you can just google fuzzi bunz. They are really nice and at kelly's closet you can get free shipping and I can always find a coupon code to get them a little cheaper! Anyway I will keep you all updated on how our cloth diaper adventure goes. So far so good, we are out of her disposable diapers that fit her so we will be doing just cloth diapers from here on out. Unless I hate it, then I will go buy more diapers and keep these as "food storage" not literally food but in case there is ever some major catastrophe and we can't get diapers.

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