Monday, May 9, 2011

How was your Mother's Day?

How was your Mother's Day weekend?? What did you do? Did your family spoil you, did you spoil your Mom?? I felt spoiled!! Saturday we went and spent the day at my Mom and Dad's house, all of my siblings and their families came over as well. My oldest sister wasn't able to make it though. The creek that is down by their house was really high, you could hear the rocks being pushed down the creek and the water roaring, it looked like a river. You could hear it from my parent's house which isn't right next door to the creek. Sunday we went to Jeb's parent's house and had dinner and celebrated Mother's day with them. Sunday morning Ahnika let me sleep in until 7:00! Usually she sleeps from around 8pm to 6 or 6:30am so it was nice to sleep in a little bit! After she ate and played with us for a bit she went back to sleep and Jeb got up and made me breakfast!! It was yummy!

It is such an honor to be a mother! I am so grateful for my little girl, she is such a joy in my life! I am so glad that I have been able to stay home with her! I would do anything for her. Before I got pregnant and while I was pregnant I knew I would love my children, I knew it would be fun to be a mommy! But I had no idea how much I would/could love my child. It is crazy how intense you can love someone you've barely met! There were nights when I hardly got any sleep and I felt like I wanted to give up that I couldn't take it anymore and then she would give me one of her cute little smiles and my heart would melt and I knew it would all be okay. I would be able to take a nap the next day and loosing a few hours of sleep every night for a few months wouldn't kill me. I love to sleep so it was difficult, but I did enjoy holding my sweet baby in the middle of the night, she is extra cuddly when she is sleepy. Being a mom and knowing all of the joy and sadness that comes with it makes me really grateful for my mom!! I'm not the perfect daughter that I wish I was, but I have been trying harder to show my mom how much I do appreciate her since I've become a mom. I love my mom tons and hope she knows that and I hope that when Ahnika is an adult she will still love me and appreciate what I do for her. I have wanted be great at many things but out of all of them I really want to be a great Mom. I know I will never be perfect at it and I'm sure I will and already have made mistakes but I hope when I look back at my life, after my babies are all grown up, that I can feel a peace and know that I did a good job!
I hope all of you mother's out in the world had an enjoyable Mother's day!

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  1. I got the extra slice of pizza on Mother's Day. Not overly exciting but it was good:)