Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Recipe

Last week I tried a few new recipe's and really like them. I got two from Campbell's soup website: go here and the other one from a friends blog: here. We really enjoyed these Quick Barbecued Beef Sandwiches, some of the reviews said to add cheese and they taste like an Arby's sandwich. So next time I make them I'm going to add cheese. I was a little worried about what they were going to taste like but was pleasantly surprised. They were really tasty and really quick and easy to make!!
The other recipe I tried was Penne with Asparagus. The first time I made it I somehow missed an important direction (I didn't cut the asparagus in 1 in. pieces oops) and I didn't have any cherry tomatoes. So I made it this week and made sure to follow the directions and add the tomatoes and It was very good we really liked it. We liked it the first time I made it but it was definitely better the second time around. Oh and I used whole grain pasta. We are trying to eat healthier, which I'm finding is slightly difficult since I have a sweet tooth. One day I will achieve my goal! :) I also made goulash, I haven't had it since I was a kid so I wasn't sure if it tasted the same as I remember it tasting. It was good and very filling. I got the goulash recipe from Campbell's soup and also looked at a few other goulash recipes and kind of combined a few of the recipe ingredients. Anyway I thought I would share these great recipes with all of you who read my blog. If you make them I hope you enjoy! Check out those websites they have great recipes!

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