Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My life...

So today I was thinking about how my life revolves around my sweet baby girl and husband. I don't think it is a bad thing at all. Before I got pregnant I thought to myself that I wasn't going to be the mom that only blogs or talks about her baby. Well I am that mom I love my little girl so much and am just amazed by her. She is learning so much everyday and progressing so quickly. She is a doll and most of the time is so happy. When she is having a freak out about being tired or hungry it usually doesn't last too long and in the midst of her being upset you can usually get her to laugh a little or smile. She is my world right now and I'm not complaining. We have lots of fun together throughout the day and when daddy gets home she is so excited to see him. (Sometimes she can't wait to see him, she is tired of just seeing me) She loves to roll and is getting lots better at sitting on her own. I think once she learns to crawl (which may be soon) she isn't going to stop moving. She will always be on the go and probably get into everything. I like to call her curious George! Jeb absolutely adores her and loves the time he gets to spend with her. I'm grateful I can breastfeed, I really enjoy that bonding time and formula is so pricey. We do feed her a bottle of formula at bedtime so that if we ever need to leave her we can but also the formula helps her stay fuller longer. She has been sleeping through the night since she was 3 months and I love it! We went to Green river and Nephi on Easter weekend and she got off her schedule and didn't sleep very well for about a week. It was rough but she did go right back to bed after she ate so it wasn't too bad. She is now back on her schedule and I can tell she is happier if she gets her full 10 to 11 hour nights rest!!
I do get out of the house. I go visit my parents and my sisters. My neighbors who are my friends will go for walks when it's warm and we have a little play yard in the neighborhood that we will hang out at and watch the kids play. I used to go to bunco once a month but it was a little rough since she breastfeeds and is quite attached to her mommy. Jeb has been feeding her a bottle since she was 3 weeks but she still likes me to be home when she is going to bed. I'm sure there are people that would say I need to just leave more often at night so she gets used to me being gone and such but I figure when she is done breastfeeding it will be a lot easier to let daddy do bed time alone once in a while. Fridays I get to go grocery shopping by myself! I know fun right ;) Friday is daddy's day to hang out with Ahnika without mommy. It is nice to get out alone and not have to worry about hauling her around in the car seat. The car seat is so heavy.
So all in all life is great right now. I love my family and am glad I have them, I am grateful for the trials we've gone through and are facing, even though at the time I really don't like whatever the problem is. It teaches me to be patient and grateful for those around me and what I have.

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  1. Sounds like things are going good. Make sure to get some 'you' time in as well. You can definitely do it with a nursing baby. I bf Owen and still get out every now and then. Also anytime we invite you to go out, you are more than welcome to bring Ahnika! We would love to have you come out more often :). You are a great mama!!