Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have a great husband! I worked a 10 hour shift today and when I got home I walked into my house and it smelled soooo good! My husband made fajitas for dinner!! They were really good! He marinates the meat in sprite, cooking oil and dry fajita mix for a day and fries it with peppers and onions. It tasted great! It was so nice getting home and having dinner all ready!
I've been really tired lately because yes I'm Pregnant!! I am really excited to have a baby! I am about 8 weeks along. We've had our first doctor's appointment and had an ultrasound. They usually don't have ultrasounds this early but I had had some spotting the day before and the doctor wanted to make sure we could hear the heart beat!
We heard the heart beat and it was such an amazing experience. I can't believe I have a baby growing inside of me. He printed us off a few pictures of our peanut (we've been calling it that because that is about how big it is and the guy doing the ultrasound kept calling it that). We've showed our parents and family the pictures and everyone is so excited that we are pregnant!!
I'm grateful my husband is willing to help out around the house and make dinner when i'm working long shifts. Right now I'm just experiencing nausea and being tired alot. My mom said I'm lucky because she was always horribly sick while she was pregnant and she had 5 kids.
I'm excited for this experience, a little nervous, but know things will work out and everything will be great!

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