Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend fun!

I love not working on the weekends! My husband always has Saturday and Sunday off so we get to hang out! Saturday we slept in :), and got to be lazy and just watch tv for a few hours. Then we got to work and cleaned the house up, it needed it since we've both been sick for the past week and a half. We aired out the house and deep cleaned it and made is smell nice and pretty. :) I love having a clean house it always makes me feel so much better. Around noon RC Willey came and fixed my nightstand and my husbands brother and his wife stopped by on their way home. He's been at basic training and Ait (he is in the National Guard)for several months and had gotten home the night before. They talked for a long time about basic training and Ait (my husband also is in the National Guard)they compared their experiences and how different things have changed since my husband got home a year ago. It was fun to listen to but also kind of boring at the same time. After they left we ate the roast that had been in the crock pot all day and had ranch roast potatoes with it. It smelled and tasted soooo good!! I had a meeting at work in the evening and we had donuts from beyond the glaze. They are decorated and look really pretty! I had the german chocolate it tasted really good! My neice just had her 9th birthday so we went up to my sisters house and had a fun birthday party. The chocolate birthday cake and Ice cream was my favorite part :) if you can't tell i have food on the brain right now. Dinner is in the oven cooking and i'm starving. But it's almost done i just have to run and make a side dish and get some vegetables to go with it to make a full, healthy meal!
So that was my weekend, it was mostly just a lazy one but it was enjoyable!!

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