Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's been a good day!

Hey Everyone! This morning I woke up exhausted :( I slept great at least I thought i had. I got ready for work and started waking up a little bit, my husband just laughed at me cause he could tell I was still really sleepy. I ate breakfast and headed to work. By the time I got to work I was awake and felt better, which of course is good since I work in a pharmacy and need to be alert. We weren't very busy but we were busy enough. I got off a little early so I could go run some errands. I don't have a day off this week and really needed to go grocery shopping so my awesome co-worker came in a couple hours early so I could go home and run my errands! I've never liked grocery shopping cause I usually have worked in pharmacies that are in grocery stores and when I'm off I just want to go home and not walk around the store getting groceries. But to survive we need food right? So I go shopping and usually alone because when Jeb comes with me we spend alot more money than when I go alone. Tonight we went to dinner with my husbands parents it was a lot of fun and very yummy, we went to the Cracker Barrell.
Today at work we were talking about how funny it is when people call in (usually it's older customers) they will get mad at us and tell us to talk louder because they are on the speaker phone and their tv will be turned up full blast. Of course we also get calls from younger people who will have their radios blasting and they'll be yelling into the phone so that you can hear them. I don't understand why people don't just turn down the volume of their tv or radios when they make a phone call. I think it's really funny when i'll ask someone their what their birthday is and they will tell me their first name and then i'll say no I need your birth date and they will start saying their last name and then realize what I really asked for. I get a lot of strange and interesting phone calls working at the pharmacy. But it makes life fun!

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